Augustus Gloop Edit

For the entire play Augustus Gloop wears bright red sweater with white diamonds on it and green and red diamonds inside, and has rather dark green shorts, Augustus's costume is primarily based on traditional German clothes and is meant to disguise the fat suit that the actors would wear whilst playing Augustus

Veruca Salt Edit

When first seen Veruca wears pink ballet slippers with large a baby pink, white tutu with a diamond necklace and a pink hairband showing not only her love of ballet but also her wealth and spoilt nature. On the day of the door Veruca also wears a mink fur coat that she claims is "Baby seal that's clubbed and tickled pink".

Violet Beauregarde Edit

For the entire play Violet Beauregarde wears a sparkly pink and purple disco tracksuit with hoop earrings and a blue/purple backpack the sparkles are mainly necessary for the song Juicy were Violet, now a blueberry, is used as a disco ball by the Oompa Loompas. Violet's costume is perhaps the most unique in the show as it had to be made especially to accommodate the inflation scene in the inventing room, In order to create the blueberry scene tiny air pumps were hidden in the suit while the main pump was hidden in the backpack the pump was then activated remotely by stage hands while the actors remained onset